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Financial Assistance

Too many times, the barrier of living donations are the expenses not covered by the transplant center or insurance, specifically for the living donor.

The medical costs related to the donation procedure (evaluation and surgery) are covered by insurance, normally the insurance of the recipient or the transplant center. Anything that falls outside of the transplant center’s donor evaluation\surgery is not covered by insurance.

These “out-of-pocket” costs could include travel, lodging, lost wages, normal home expenses (mortgage, rent, electric bill, etc.), daycare expenses, annual physicals, and other non-medical expenses.

The Meredith Haga Foundation’s number one mission is to help the living donor by providing financial grants to assist in covering these “out of pocket” expenses.

While we work directly with the transplant coordinators at the transplant center to review how we can best assist, we can also work directly with living donors.

We are currently working with transplant centers in Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee and North Carolina.

If you are a looking at becoming a living donor and are in need of financial assistance, talk with your Transplant Coordinator or you can contact us directly at

How Our Process Works for You

1.  You talk with the coordinator at your transplant facility and discuss your financial needs.  (No paperwork or application to complete!)

2.  Your coordinator contacts our Executive Officer and reviews the information.

3.  Our Executive Officer will call you the donor and discuss your situation in detail.  You may be requested to digitally send bills to support your request.

4.  Our case review committee reviews the details of your case and a decision is made.  Based on HIPAA regulations, your the case is reviewed without knowing your name or other identifying information.

5.  You are notified of the committees decision by phone from our executive officer.

6.  If approved, a check is issued in your name and sent directly to you.

The average time from start to finish
is 5 business days.

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