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Tennessee based Meredith Haga Foundation has a unique connection to VCU Health.  Bruce Blessing, founder of Meredith Haga Foundation, donated a kidney to save the life of his step-daughter at VCU in September 2012.

Milton Fleming had only been out of prison for four months before he donated a kidney to his mother.

Despite the challenges of re-entering society while living paycheck to paycheck, he didn’t let being out of work for a few weeks stand in the way of changing his mother’s life.

“It is my due diligence as her son — she’s taken care of me all my life, so I felt like if I could do anything to help or preserve her life, then I would,” he says.

Hume-Lee believes in second chances. Part of that mission includes working one-on-one with prospective living donors to identify organizations and resources that may help. Fleming’s donor journey was unique, but thankfully so is a regional Tenn.-based nonprofit willing to lend a hand.

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